Painless Ingrown Nail Correction

Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and aggravating, especially when they are longstanding and develop complications like infection. They put a damper on everyday activities, work, and leisure. For people with diabetes and circulatory problems, ingrown toenails pose a real risk for potentially serious complications.

Through a corrective in-office procedure, we are able to remedy ingrown toenail problems permanently by removing a section of the ingrown toenail. A special agent is then applied to prevent re-growth of the ingrown portion of the nail. The procedure is completely painless since the toe is “put to sleep” under local anaesthetic. And, within a short time, the area heals and the appearance is restored.

Where the ingrowing is a result of permanent nail-bed damage that affects the appearance of the whole nail, we also offer Pedilaq nail restoration in combination with the nail correction procedure… leaving you pain-free and with “sandal-worthy” toes!