Foot-Related Knee, Hip & Back Problems

The foot is the foundation for the whole body. It is the catalyst for a complex series of “locomotive” biomechanical events that involve your knees, hips, and back with every step you take. Structural foot problems can result in pain that extends beyond the feet and ankles and into these other areas involved in the gait cycle.


In assessing the degree of foot-related knee, hip, or back pain, your chiropodist will perform a biomechanical exam and gait analysis along with a detailed health history including any previous injuries or surgeries. He or she will look to rule out other issues or identify contributing factors.


Treatment is typically two-pronged. One aspect will be to help address the acute pain through any number of approaches or combination of approaches. The other aspect will treat the underlying structural foot problem through remedies such as footwear advice or custom footwear, footwear modifications and lifts,and prescription custom orthotics. Modalities, mobilizations, and stretching exercises can prove helpful where the knee, hip, or back pain results from abnormal gait caused by muscle inflexibility or adhesions.

Without Treatment

Pain and joint damage can worsen over time, lending support for the addage “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”