Chiropody Care Versus Spa Services

From Dr. Oz and mainstream news features to social media, consumers are being made increasingly aware of the risks of spa pedicures. Spa aesthetic services are not regulated, which can be problematic.

One concern is that potentially lax spa sanitary conditions can result in the spread of  infections, and so it is that the pedicure actually becomes the pedi-cause! Joking aside, inadequately sterilized spa instruments (meaning without a surgical autoclave, regulatory standards and inspection by a professional health College, and proper medical procedures) can and sometimes do transmit life and limb-threatening diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and flesh-eating bacteria, as well as other serious blood-borne illnesses. Foot baths, instruments, and other spa surfaces can also be a source for nail fungus, warts, and other issues that, while not life-or-limb threatening, are certainly stubborn and unpleasant.

Another concern is that some people rely on spa nail and skin services when they have true medical foot health needs that should really be addressed on a regular basis by a chiropodist. This is especially the case for people at high risk such as diabetics, those with circulatory problems, or chronic disease.

What’s one to do? Enter the medical pedicure or “medi-pedi.” When provided by Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre, medi-pedis bridge the gap between spa beautification and proper foot health services. Medical care is provided by a regulated foot specialist with the skills and expertise to diagnose and treat all foot problems, while aesthetic care is performed under the chiropodist’s direct supervision. And, patients can rest assured that all of it is taking place in a medically sterile environment. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to align the medical and aesthetic care, such as with the application of antifungal nail polish or cosmetic nail lacquers that restore the appearance of fungal toenails while medical treatment of the fungus is ongoing.

In the end, it’s about combining spa pampering with specialized foot medical care to offer the best of both worlds in a safe environment. For those with private health insurance benefits, the cost for the medical portion of the visit may also be covered where their plan includes treatment by a chiropodist / podiatrist.