Cosmetic Services

Indulge in our medi-pedi services and luxuriate in healthier, more attractive feet. We offer an array of cosmetic services including anti-fungal polish, intensive skin care, and nail restoration, all in the safety of a medically sterile clinic. And, the medical portion of your visit may be covered by your health insurance.

Our prosthetic nail replacement procedure called Pedilaq greatly improves the appearance of fungal, discoloured, and damaged toenails. Our BKIND™ anti-fungal nail polish is toxin-free, extremely durable, and available in a rich selection of colours for application at our clinic or to take home. Medical treatment of dry skin, cracked heels, corns, warts, problem/fungal nails and calluses is included, as is therapeutic massage or mobilizations when indicated.

We help to restore a more attractive appearance without the serious infection risks associated with spa pedicures and nails salons. And, thanks to our unique qualifications as regulated foot specialists, we will also attend to any underlying medical issues that may be causing the cosmetic issues.

Please choose from the selections below to learn more about our procedures and why you should see us to provide healthier and more attractive feet: