Medical Foot Care Services 

We provide a comprehensive range of foot medical services for all conditions – from complex, high-risk foot medical problems to routine foot and nail care. Our chiropodists and support team are committed to staying abreast of the latest evidence-based therapies, and our clinic is equipped with the latest treatment technology. 

Nail and Skin Problems

We provide highly effective, specialized treatments to address all podiatric nail and skin conditions including fungal toenail infections, painful ingrown toenails, thick nails, corns, calluses, plantar warts, cracked heels, fungal skin infections like Athlete’s foot, and dry skin.

Diabetic Foot Health

People with diabetes are 20 times more likely than the general population to suffer from serious foot problems. While our focus is on prevention through education and ongoing care, if problems do occur we are highly adept, well equipped, and uniquely qualified at Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre to treat serious complications from diabetes including skin ulcers and peripheral neuropathy. 

Pain & Problems from Biomechanical Issues 

It’s said that when your feet hurt, you hurt all over. At Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre, our chiropodists are experts in analyzing structural and biomechanical problems that can lead to pain in the feet, heels, and ankles as well as the shins, knees, hips, and back. While custom orthotics are one well-known mode of treatment for these problems, our strength lies in the range of treatments we offer to address each patient with an approach uniquely suited to his or her condition. It ensures the fastest and most effective route to being pain free. 

Bone and Soft-Tissue Problems

From bunions to cysts and painful neuromas, we have the expertise and skill to address your problem effectively, most often through conservative, non-surgical measures. However, our clinic is fully equipped should surgical intervention be necessary.

Surgical Intervention

In the rare case when surgical intervention is needed to address a chronic or severe problem, we provide a range of soft-tissue services performed painlessly under local anaesthetic – from ingrown toenails, to cysts, foreign body excisions, neuromas, and plantar fasciotomies. Given our location in cottage country, we’ve also removed our fair share of fish hooks over the years!